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Ship up to 8kg of goods with Park N Parcel's new trackable, 3-day delivery method!

Starting is simple - just offer Self-Collection from your nearest Shopping Mall via Park N Parcel to your buyers, and book now to enjoy fuss-free shipping!

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How it works

Using our service is easy - here's a quick crash course!

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Step 1: List Self-Collection from your nearest Shopping Mall via Park N Parcel (30+ collection points to choose from) in your Carousell profile & item description
Step 2: Provide your buyer with our list of Retail Points and get their selected pick-up point & details
Step 3: Create your booking at our Order Page
Step 4: Print & paste the shipping label on your parcel, then drop it off at your selected drop-off point
Step 5: Our delivery team will collect & deliver your parcel within 3 business days
Step 6: Your buyer will receive an SMS notification once the parcel is delivered to the pick-up
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Check out our Seller's Guide to know about our service details. Keep buyers informed on how to collect their parcels with our Buyer's Guide.

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Bundles are issued in the form of multiple-use coupon codes, and have no expiry date.

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