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Frequently Asked Questions

No, signing of any form of contract is not needed when signing up as an user.

Parkers are essentially neighbours that have volunteered themselves to collect parcels that generally contain clothes, cosmetics and products on your behalf. This is done at the comfort of their own home, where you can pick them up at your convenience.

Parkers have the responsibility to stay at home to collect the parcel from the delivery man. In the event of a missed delivery, parkers would have to wait for re-delivery or collect the undelivered parcel at the nearest Singpost.

Park N Parcel (PNP) is built on a trusted community of parkers. All the parkers will undergo identity verification before they can be listed for parker service.

Yes, as long as he/she who is collecting the parcel on your behalf has your unique PNP code. Ensure the person has your login details to acknowledge collection on your behalf, upon receiving the parcel.

Please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected]

Contact details of the Parker will be provided after confirmation of payment, likewise, your contact details will also be visible to the Parker to facilitate a two-way communication.

This should not happen as we strive to ensure that all Parkers fit the most important requirement of being home most of the time. However, there might be unforeseen circumstances. Please do contact the Parker prior to collecting the parcel.

Parcels can weigh a maximum (actual/volumetric) of 8kg, with a maximum cumulative cubic dimension of 100cm. You can calculate the cubic dimensions of the parcel by adding the length, width and height of the parcel together.

Sum of dimensions = (L+W+H) cm. For example, if a parcel is 5x10x5cm in dimensions, the sum of dimensions is 5+10+5=20cm.

Each parcel collected via the Parker service will be charged at SGD$1.95

The status of the delivery will be updated on the dashboard. Once it has been delivered, you will receive an email and dashboard notification. Please proceed to the Parker’s premise to collect your parcel based on his/her's preferred timing.

Yes, it would be advisable to give a text/call to the Parker to inform them your PNP code and arrival, to ensure that there will be no incidents of missed appointments.

Currently, our modes of payment are via American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Apple Pay and Android Pay are also accepted for our Collection service.

You have 5 days to collect. After which, it would be retrieved to our warehouse, and an additional fee will be imposed for redelivery. Failure to collect within 60 days from the original received date, we reserve the rights to dispose your parcel.

After investigation by Park N Parcel, if PNP determines that the lost or damage was due to PNP’s fault, liability for any loss of or damage to parcel shall be limited to the invoice amount of the parcel or up to SGD$50 per parcel, whichever is lower.

Upon payment for the service on our website, you will be issued a PNP unique code together with the parcel details.

Contact us with details and proof of damage and return item for investigation. We can accept a wide variety of packaging methods as long as the parcel is secure and sealed. We will not be liable for loss or damage of items due to poor packaging.

No, please make your payment in advance through payment modes such as credit card or Paypal on the online shopping site, before engaging a Parker. The Parker holds no responsibility and is not obliged in making payment via cash on delivery for the user.

The Park N Parcel (PNP) Customer Care team will be happy to help you. You can call our hotline at +65 6428 6200. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiries by using the contact form or email us at [email protected]

We highly recommend not using normal mail as there is no tracking and proper chain of custody.

Any uncollected parcels will be stored at our warehouse for 60 days, and disposed of afterwards.