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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Park N Parcel Delivery take?

We will deliver within 3 business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) after parcel is dropped off. Eg. Parcel dropped off on Monday, it will be delivered by Thursday.

How many days is the recipient given to collect their parcel?

Recipients/Buyers have 3 days to collect their parcel after it has been delivered. A reminder SMS will be sent on the 2nd day to remind the recipient to pick up.

What if it is not collected within 3 days?

It will be pulled back to Park N Parcel’s warehouse, and the recipient alerted. An additional redelivery fee will apply. Option to do extension at $1.50 for 3 days may be offered on the 2nd day of the collection period. Parcels uncollected after 3 days will be retrieved to our warehouse, and disposed of after 60 days.

How will my buyer/recipient know to collect the parcel?

Once the parcel is delivered to the collection point, they will receive an SMS and Email to collect the parcel.

Do I have to print out a label?

Yes, you will need to print out the label beforehand. We are fully automating the delivery process to make the tracking more accurate and less prone to errors. Do note that our points will not be able to help to print, or provide packing materials.

How do I collect the parcel from the shop as a buyer/recipient?

The recipient can show the SMS or email when collecting the parcel from Parker Point. They may also quote the PNP tracking ID when collecting the parcel.

Can I drop off or pick up my parcel during the weekend?

Yes, parcels can be dropped off or picked up during the weekends (except our Warehouse [Park N Parcel HQ @ Oxley Bizhub]) during their retail operation hours.

Can I track my parcel?

Yes, you can track your parcel on our tracking page -

Who are Parkers?

Parkers are essentially neighbours that have volunteered themselves to collect parcels that generally contain clothes, cosmetics and products on your behalf. This is done at the comfort of their own home, where you can pick them up at your convenience.

What if the parker is not at home to receive my parcel?

Parkers have the responsibility to stay at home to collect the parcel from the delivery man. In the event of a missed delivery, parkers would have to wait for re-delivery or collect the undelivered parcel at the nearest Singpost.

Is my parcel safe?

Park N Parcel (PNP) is built on a trusted community of parkers. All the parkers will undergo identity verification before they can be listed for parker service.

Can someone else collect my parcel for me?

Yes, as long as he/she who is collecting the parcel on your behalf has the collection messsage with the unique PNP code.

What if my parcel is misplaced/lost?

Please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected]

Will I be able to contact my Parker?

Contact details of the Parker will be provided after confirmation of payment, likewise, your contact details will also be visible to the Parker to facilitate a two-way communication.

What happens if the Parker is out when I come to pick up my parcel?

This should not happen as we strive to ensure that all Parkers fit the most important requirement of being home most of the time. However, there might be unforeseen circumstances. Please do contact the Parker prior to collecting the parcel.

What is the maximum weight/dimensions allowed for my parcel?

Parcels can weigh a maximum (actual/volumetric) of 8kg, with a maximum cumulative cubic dimension of 100cm. You can calculate the cubic dimensions of the parcel by adding the length, width and height of the parcel together.

How do you calculate the sum of dimensions?

Sum of dimensions = (L+W+H) cm. For example, if a parcel is 5x10x5cm in dimensions, the sum of dimensions is 5+10+5=20cm.

How much does Park N Parcel charge for the collection service?

Each parcel collected via this service will be charged at SGD$1.95

How do I know if my parcel has been delivered?

The status of the delivery will be updated on the dashboard. Once it has been delivered, you will receive an email/SMS, and it will be updated on your dashboard. Please proceed to the Parker’s premise to collect your parcel based on his/her's preferred timing.

Should I contact my Parker before heading down?

Yes, it would be advisable to give a text/call to the Parker to inform them your PNP code and arrival, to ensure that there will be no incidents of missed appointments.

What modes of payment can I use for the service?

Currently, our modes of payment are via major credit cards, and GrabPay.

How do I get a confirmation on the acceptance of my desired Parker's service?

Upon payment for the service on our website, you will be issued a PNP unique code together with the parcel details.

What if the parcel is in good condition but the item received is damaged?

Contact us with details and proof of damage and return item for investigation. We will not be liable for loss or damage of items due to poor packaging.

Can I choose the payment option of cash on delivery on the online shopping site?

No, please make your payment in advance through payment modes such as credit card or Paypal on the online shopping site, before engaging a Parker. The Parker holds no responsibility and is not obliged in making payment via cash on delivery for the user.

Can I use normal mail?

We highly recommend not using normal mail as there is no tracking and proper chain of custody.

My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get more information?

You can call our hotline at +65 6428 6200. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiries by emailing us at [email protected]

Who can be a Parker?

Anyone who spends most of their time at home with a secure place to keep parcels. They can be homemakers, students, or homes with domestic helpers. We are always on the lookout for partnerships with companies who own retail spaces.

What do we look for in a Parker?

One of the most important requirements is the responsibility to stay home and await expected parcel deliveries which will be delivered at anytime of the day. Secondly, Parkers need to have Internet access to receive notifications on the status of parcels.

How do I set the collection timing with the customers?

Parkers are required to state the preferred date and time for users to collect their parcels upon registering. Please stay home at your stated time and date, and wait for users’ collection.

How am I to be paid by Park N Parcel ?

We pay Parkers based on the total transactions made for the month. Payment will be made on the 1st of the following month via bank transfer. Do provide the correct bank account number during registration to ensure smooth transactions.

Will my personal particulars be shared to others?

No, only the authorized staffs and partners of Park N Parcel will have access to your information. The only two information which will be shared to both your users and designated logistics companies are your contact details and address.

Can I cancel the delivery after accepting?

No. Once a delivery is assigned to you, you cannot cancel the job.

Why do parkers need to be verified?

Park N Parcel (PNP) is built on a trusted community of responsible Parkers. As our protocol, we need to verify each Parker's identify and ensure that they possess the responsibility to provide a smooth service to our users.

What if I missed the delivery by the delivery man?

In the event of a missed delivery, you have to wait for a re-delivery. For Singpost deliveries, you have to collect the parcel from the nearest Singpost. A slip of paper containing further details of the collection will be given to you by Singpost.

What should I do if I am temporarily unable to collect parcel? (Travelling/personal reasons)

You can disable your account temporarily and this will remove your listing from our website. However, you are still expected to complete your accepted jobs based on your on-going orders seen in your account.

No one came to collect the parcel, what should I do?

Users have up to 5 days to collect their parcel. Do notify us if the user does not collect within this time period, and we will make the necessary arrangements with the user.

What is the maximum weight/dimensions per parcel?

Parcels can weigh a maximum (actual/volumetric) of 8kg, with a maximum cumulative cubic dimension of 100cm. You can calculate the cubic dimensions of the parcel by adding the length, width and height of the parcel together.

What if the parcel is damaged?

As Parkers, you have to check the exterior condition of the parcels and to reject the parcels accordingly. Please kindly take a picture of the damaged parcel and contact Park N Parcel (PNP) immediately upon rejection of parcels.

How do I change my preferred days and time slots for users' collection?

This can be changed in your account settings on our website. However, please ensure that all collection have been fulfilled before changing the preferred day and time slots.

How can I check the PNP ID on a parcel label?

The PNP ID can be found on the parcel label, next to the name of the addressee.

My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get more information?

You can call our hotline at +65 6428 6200. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiries by emailing us at [email protected]

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