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Park N Parcel do not deliver the following items. As we do not open your parcels, users are to ensure that they do not send any items that may expose any threat and cause injury, such as inflammable and fragile by its nature.

Perishable Products (Groceries etc.)
Furnitures (Mirrors, Fridge, Chandelier etc.)
Flammable, Combustible Items
Pots of Living Plants
Glassware (Porcelain, Pottery)
Living Things (Pets)
Toxic Substances, Chemicals

Additional Information

Please take note that your parcels must be appropriately packed. You may check out our Packaging Guidelines should you require any guidance. Any claim resulting from a parcel that is not packaged to a professional standard will be rejected.

Park N Parcel also do not deliver the following list of Prohibited Items to the mentioned Restricted Areas .

For more information, kindly refer to our Terms & Conditions

In the event of a claim, a cost invoice will be needed to prove the value of the parcel contents, and photo must be supplied for all damage claims. The maximum claim amount stated in the provided cost invoice, whichever is lower.