Park N Parcel Delivery

With Park N Parcel Delivery, you can deliver your items exclusively between Parker Points! Drop off at one point, and your recipient can pick it up from another.

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How Park N Parcel Delivery Works

How Park N Parcel Delivery works

User Guide

User Guide

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Price per Parcel:

$3.00 $2.50 Limited Offer!

Service Notes

Your parcel should be less than 8kg, and total dimensions under 100cm.

Parcels exceeding 8kg or 100cm may be subject to additional processing fees.

Business days are from Monday to Friday.

eg. Friday parcel dropoffs will be delivered by Wednesday

All orders can be tracked via our tracking site.


Strategic Locations

Both you and your recipient can choose from a list of conveniently located Parkers inside shopping malls for only $3

Park your item anytime

Park your item at the chosen Parker at your convenience.

Mall-to-mall delivery

Your recipient will receive notification to pick up once we have delivered the item to the chosen Parker Point.

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