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Part and parcel of our Parker Point network

Earn per parcel while driving more footfall into your shop


What are Parker Points?

Retail Stores in Partnership

Parker Points are retail outlets working with Park N Parcel to allow users to drop off or pick up their parcels, and prevent a missed home parcel delivery

What are parker point


Earn per parcel while driving more awareness to your business


Increase in
Customer Footfall

More awareness for your business due to cross-marketing efforts


Earn Commissions
without Cost

Earn for per parcel without contributing to any additional cost


Fully Utilize
Your Manpower

Share the process of our simple Parker dashboard system


Simple Parker Dashboard

Don’t worry! We will guide you through the Parker Management Process


Is your Shop eligible to apply for Parker Point Partnership?


Electric device (Mobile, tablet or laptop) for Parker Dashboard login


Convenient location (Residential spaces are not allowed)


Accept Park N Parcel branding (E.g. Label Parker Point sticker at the front of your store)


Allocate space to store the parcels on behalf of your potential customers


Decide the opening hours your neighbours are able to retrieve their parcels. (The longer your collection period, the higher the chance of being user’s preferred Parker)

Parker Point Partnership

Application Procedure

Get Listed

Your shop will appear on our Parker Point Map.

Receive Assignment

Be ready for the deliverymen to drop by!

Manage Your Orders

Simply notify customers through a few clicks!

Customer Collection

Complete deliveries with a smile!

Sign Up as a Parker Point

Start Building Trust with Your Potential Customers