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What are Parker Points?

Retail Stores in Partnership

Parker Points are retail outlets working with Park N Parcel to allow users to drop off or pick up their parcels, and prevent a missed home parcel delivery

What are parker point

What You Can Do at Parker Points

Enhance the Flexibility In Your
Business Delivery Options



Prevent experiencing missed home parcel deliveries and choose to collect at a Parker Point of your convenience.



Easily drop-off your parcels at a Parker Point of your convenience to get it sent to another Parker Point or doorstep.



Need to collect returns for your customers? Simplify returns with our customized return portal!


Enhance Your Business’s Brand Identity

Parker Point Eco Friendly


Help courier companies to cut down on their emissions

Allows your brand to have an eco-friendly identity

Parker Point Eco Friendly


Provide a cheaper delivery option

Customers do not have to worry about being at home to collect their parcels

Parker Point Eco Friendly


Find our Parker Points near MRT stations, CHEERS, and even neighhorhood minimarts!

Parker Points Islandwide

We aim to bring more Parker
Points closer to you

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