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Sign Up as a Retail Parker

Looking to drive more footfall into your shop, while getting paid? Join us as a Retail Parker today!

Fully Utilise Your Manpower & Get Paid

Get additional income from your existing store setup and staff, simply by being at your shop, and holding parcels on behalf of your potential customers.

No Cost Involved

You don’t need a vehicle or pay anything for additional equipment to get started to as a Parker. Earn just simply by using your current place and PC/Smartphones to get started.

Build trust with your potential customers

Be a Star in your Neighbourhood by collecting parcel on your Neighbour’s behalf. Your neighbours will appreciate it, so does your piggybank.

Flexible Collection Hours

Decide the time your neighbours can retrieve their parcels. Of course, the longer your collection period, the higher the chance of being their preferred Parker.

Get Listed

Sign up as Parker and get your address listed as a Parker. Once your registration has been approved, your address will get listed on our Parker Map.

Receive Assignment

Receive a notification by email/SMS on parcel details, once a user has engaged you as a Parker, be ready for the deliveryman to drop by!

Receive Parcel

Take delivery of parcels during your opening hours. Once parcel is collected, press “Received” button to notify the customer that their parcel is ready for collection at their friendly Parker’s.

Customer Collection

Be present and ready at your store for the customer to collect their parcel. Once they have collected their parcel, remember to click on “Recipient Collected” button so that we can proceed to pay you!